Banana And Blueberry Flapjacks

Everyone likes a simple recipe, especially when the end-result is tasty. These easy flapjacks are chewy and moist, and they’ll last for 5-6 days in an airtight container. They’d be great to make with children too, introducing them to simple cooking (weighing, mashing, stirring etc). Ingredients 1 banana (ripe or very ripe, no problem) Handful […]

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Vegan tuna mayo!

The texture of crushed chickpeas with mayonnaise, vinegar and sweetcorn makes an excellent vegetarian and vegan substitute for tuna mayo. These chickpea salad wraps are quick and easy to make. There is no more effort than a little mashing of the chickpeas. From there on in, it’s a simple assembly job. This makes an excellent […]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Flapjacks

I’ve made these flapjacks more than any other in the last six months. They are always devoured by visitors/ guests/ work mates/ passing strangers and I end up making another batch just so I can have some myself. Fortunately they are extremely cheap to make. The main ingredient is rolled oats (ie porridge oats) and […]

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Mixed Bean Salad

I’m a great believer in simple food and this mixed bean salad is certainly simple. I’ll describe it for you in a sentence: “Buy a tin of mixed beans and pimp it up“. If you want to make it instead with dried beans and do all that soaking-overnight stuff, be my guest. However, a tin […]

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Vegan Rum & Raisin Cake

Sometimes I just want to eat a piece of cake. There’s nothing in the house. I can’t be bothered going to the shops. But I absolutely need some cake. Here’s the answer. It’s an easy recipe, not too many ingredients and the only utensils you’ll need are a mixing bowl and a baking tray. It […]

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Golden Syrup Cake

This golden syrup cake is very easy to make and tastes delicious. It’s a very moist cake and it will last about three days if you keep it in an airtight container. It only requires a handful of ingredients and one of those is hot water! Ingredients 100g vegan margarine 75g sugar 200g plain flour […]

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