Cinnamon whirls

Cinnamon whirls

Cinnamon whirls (they’re not very even, I know)

This is so easy it’s not even a recipe really!

These delicious, puff pastry cinnamon whirls will fill your house with the mouth-watering smell of cinnamon. Then they’ll fill your stomach with their sweet, warm tastiness.

Here are all the reasons why you should make them: (1) They look great. You know just by looking that these are going to be good (2) They taste even better than they look (3) There are only five ingredients (4) They take only 30 minutes to make, from opening a packet to opening your mouth to eat them.

Just to balance things out, here are all the negative points: (1) they taste so good you’ll have to make more straight away. My first batch disappeared completely in a couple of hours.

  • 1 pack of ready-made puff pastry (In the UK, JusRol and most supermarkets’ own-brand puff pastry are dairy-free)
  • 65g of softened margarine
  • 75g brown sugar. Any sort will do – light brown, dark brown, soft brown, demerara sugar. Yes, they’ll all taste slightly different but in this case, sugar is sugar.
  • 2-3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • A handful of raisins, currants or sultanas
  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC
  2. Roll out the puff pastry
  3. Make sure the margarine is very soft. It doesn’t need to be melted to a liquid, just really soft and easily-spreadable. Add the brown sugar and cinnamon to it, and mix to a paste.
  4. Spread this paste onto the puff pastry. Get right to the edges. Sprinkle on the raisins.
  5. Now roll up the puff pastry like a big Swiss Roll and cut it into 2cm rounds. Spread the rounds onto a baking sheet, with some space between them as they’ll expand in the oven.  Bake for 18-20 minutes.
  6. Allow them to cool before devouring.
  7. Optional: if you feel like these need some extra calories (!), you can drizzle them with maple syrup either before cooking or when they come out of the oven. Alternatively you can make a quick glaze by mixing some icing sugar with a little water to make a paste and drizzle that on them instead.

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