Meal prepping for my dad

Meal prepping for my 80-year-old dad *.

At the end of the week, I check what fresh foods are left in his fridge to be used, take them home with me and then make him some more meals with them. He’s not vegan, but his meals are 🙂

This week he’s having (from left to right in the picture):

  • Couscous & quinoa with asparagus, peas, sweetcorn, kale & Quorn Chicken pieces
  • Sausage & mixed bean casserole (three different types of beans, lots of hidden spinach!), on pasta
  • Mushroom & butterbean stroganoff (the recipe is here) on a bed of mustard & spring onion mash

The net results of this are:
1. Minimum food waste;
2. Dad gets some extra, healthy, highly nutritious meals;
3. I get some more cooking practice!

Everyone wins!


   * He’s actually 86 but he probably doesn’t want everyone to know.


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