“Vibrant Vegan” cooking morning, with Lee Watson of Beach House Kitchen

2018-03-04 13.36.49

Lee Watson, of the Beach House Kitchen

I first heard of Lee Watson and the Beach House Kitchen a couple of years ago when he was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 about his new vegan cookbook, “Peace & Parsnips” (you can buy it on Amazon). It’s an excellent book and I’d recommend it to everybody.

When I found out he was due to hold a small cookery workshop here in Manchester at the Food Sorcery School, I knew I absolutely had to attend!

It took place this morning and it was so worthwhile. I have attended other cooking courses and classes in the past and, to be honest, you don’t just go for the food and the recipes. You go to learn: you learn about techniques, you learn about ingredients and you learn about food combinations. You also get to work in a group with other people who have different cooking backgrounds from you and different skill sets. I often feel I learn nearly as much from my fellow students as I do from the course tutors themselves.

Would you like to see what we made?

2018-03-04 13.55.54

Umami black bean burgers

2018-03-04 13.33.08

BBQ pulled jackfruit

2018-03-04 13.59.27

Mexican chocolate & peanut brownies

I want to add that Lee is an excellent teacher and he was assisted on the day by his partner Jane. They’re both lovely, knowledgeable people and they created a relaxed, fun learning environment.

You can find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thebeachhousekitchen, and on their own website (www.beachhousekitchen.com) which is chock-full of great recipes.


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