Cook Vegan! Christmas Feast

Another Sunday, another cooking class by Lee Watson of Beach House Kitchen. (You can read about the previous course here.) He wouldn’t like me to call him a celebrity chef but you can find his excellent vegan cookery book “Peace & Parsnips” with over 200 recipes, on Amazon.

This cookery course was aimed at the Christmas or holiday Feast, that annual everyone-round-the-table meal that requires lots of preparation.

The menu for the day was as follows: (Incidentally, if you’re one of my family reading this, guess what you’ll be getting when we sit down to eat on December 25th this year!)

  • Hot Apple Mull – like mulled wine but made with apple juice, so it’s non-alcoholic and therefore suitable for kids too
  • Roast squash and ginger soup with almond “bacon” – the soup is good but for me the smoky-flavoured toasted almonds were the star of this dish
  • Portobello mushroom wellington with toasted walnut stuffing; glazed rainbow roots; pan-fried Brussels sprouts with black kale; Yorkshire puddings; rich Christmas gravy; cranberry, orange & prosecco sauce; creamy mash. My votes would go to the sprouts/kale which was really good, and the gravy which had an outstanding flavour. The wellington was nice, although I’ve made that for the last two years (see the recipe here) but Lee did teach me a new way of making it so it was still very worthwhile.
  • Chocolate and orange brownie cake – a total winner. In fact it’s so good, I could just serve everyone a piece of this and they’d still go home happy.

2018-12-02 10.10.25

2018-12-02 10.15.38

Lee Watson!

2018-12-02 13.01.06

Roast squash and ginger soup with almond bacon

2018-12-02 13.18.58

Portobello mushroom wellington (several, made in the class)

2018-12-02 13.48.18

Chocolate and orange brownie cake

You can follow Beach House Kitchen at And if you ever get the chance to attend one of their cooking courses, I’d recommend it without hesitation.


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