Minted pea purée

It’s just a small addition to a meal but it tastes great and makes a real difference to the presentation.   Ingredients 3 cloves of garlic, roughly sliced up 300g of frozen peas 500ml of vegetable stock Half a dozen mint leaves 3 tablespoons of soy cream Juice of half a lemon   Method Pour […]

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Seitan (baked seitan, for meatloaf, for beef-like pieces and for replacing ground, minced beef)

This recipe is for baked seitan. In both texture and taste, seitan is ideal for making a veganised meatloaf, or for cutting into beef-like pieces or strips, or for replacing ground minced beef e.g. in tacos and tortillas. Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten – the protein found in wheat. There’s a very good explanation […]

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A colourful Sunday lunch

This quick lunch required only a French stick/loaf and some toppings from the fridge and the cupboard. Let me say right now this isn’t a recipe as such. It’s more of a reminder to myself to increase the colour and variety of foods we eat. I mean, just look at the picture!   So, here’s […]

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Salt-and-vinegar cauliflower popcorn

Some days, you want to eat something a little different. These savoury cauliflower popcorn bites are incredibly moreish and you can spike them with whatever flavours you fancy. Oven-roasted cauliflower tastes so different from raw, steamed or boiled cauliflower that it might as well be a different vegetable entirely. It takes on a different texture, […]

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Tofu Miso Hummus

Every supermarket in Britain sells hummus. The Tesco near my house has 12 different varieties on its shelves, and the Asda a couple of miles away has 10 types of hummus. There’s low fat, coriander, lemon, tomato, all kinds of flavours. However, none of the supermarkets sells a miso hummus. This hummus has a light, […]

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Vegan Egg Mayo

Five minutes’ work for lunchtime perfection. Try this once and you’ll be making this tasty, tofu non-egg mayo filling for your sandwiches regularly. The quantity below is sufficient to make 3-4 decent sandwiches using typical sliced bread from the supermarket. If you’ve got some firm tofu left over after making this, try my vegan scrambled […]

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