Blueberry scones

Just look how nice and evenly shaped and symmetrical they all are. No, wait a minute……   from Instagram:   Like this? Try these too: Savoury, wholemeal, seeded biscuits Bakewell Tart (vegan, dairy-free and damn delicious) Banana, blueberry and chocolate muffins The vegan quiche  

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Mushroom Risotto

I know everyone thinks they can make a risotto but there is an art to it. A good risotto is all about time. It can’t be rushed. You have to add the stock little by little until you get that lovely, creamy consistency that marks out a really good risotto.   Ingredients (serves 4): 300g […]

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Minted pea purée

It’s just a small addition to a meal but it tastes great and makes a real difference to the presentation.   Ingredients 3 cloves of garlic, roughly sliced up 300g of frozen peas 500ml of vegetable stock Half a dozen mint leaves 3 tablespoons of soy cream Juice of half a lemon   Method Pour […]

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Vegan Chicken and Mushroom pies

These individual “Chicken” & Mushroom pies are creamy and tasty inside, with a nice homely smell from the hot, cooked pastry, herbs and wine. I make no excuses for taking advantage of shop-bought foods like ready-made puff pastry and Quorn “chicken” pieces from the supermarket. Let’s be realistic, we all have time constraints and our […]

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Breakfast tostadas

Yes, it’s another in our series of “So-Easy-It’s-Not-Really-A-Recipe” recipes. And there’s plenty more where this came from  🙂 Tostada is a Spanish word meaning toasted. And here we have some wholewheat toast that’s topped with crushed tomatoes, garlic and a little salt. That’s all there is to it. For a quick breakfast for two: roughly […]

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