A colourful Sunday lunch

A colourful Sunday lunch!

A colourful Sunday lunch!

This quick lunch required only a French stick/loaf and some toppings from the fridge and the cupboard.

Let me say right now this isn’t a recipe as such. It’s more of a reminder to myself to increase the colour and variety of foods we eat. I mean, just look at the picture!


So, here’s what is on the plate:

  • Top row – Avocado and lemon, like a guacamole; miniature green leaf salad;
  • Middle row: White miso, radish and dill bruschetta;
  • Bottom row: Tomato and balsamic vinegar bruschetta; more miso/radish/dill.

Totally delicious.

Next time, we’ll also add the tofu miso hummus and the black olive & lemon tapenade. I’d better remember to buy more bread too!

2016-05-15 13.22.24



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