Peverilblog’s notes from Manhattan. Part 1.

It’s been only a couple of months since I came back from my holiday in New York and I’ve got the Manhattan blues (there’s a free song title for any of you musicians. You’re welcome.)

Even though I’ve been lucky enough to visit there several times, this was my first time there as a vegan. I knew there would be plenty of choice: I’d watched dozens of YouTube videos about “best vegan restaurants in New York”. I had studied HappyCow just like I did before we went to Tokyo last year (read my notes from Tokyo here – opens in a separate browser window). And, since we would be self-catering, I also knew that taking a few “starter” items with us would make life easier.

Even so, I still wasn’t prepared for the huge number of vegan options that I found. Since pictures tell this story better than my words can, this blog post has lots of foodie photos and menus for you.

There’s a whole world of exciting and imaginative meat-free cooking going on out there. If you are a cook yourself or if you make food for vegans or vegetarians at home, i hope you’ll find new ideas and inspiration in the menus below. I certainly have done.

I don’t want to subject you to a mile-long page of my holiday photos, so I will split this post into two parts. Each one has details of three or four places. That’s not too bad is it?

Blossom Du Jour
A stand-up, fast food take-out, in the subway/shopping area at Columbus Circle.
I had the un-chicken avocado griller, which was excellent. Probably the best seitan I’ve ever eaten; it may actually have been soy meat rather than seitan. Either way, it was terrific but if anyone knows what it’s actually made from, please leave me a comment below.
Blossom outer
Blossom inner
By Chloe
There are half-a-dozen By Chloe restaurants in New York, plus others in London, Los Angeles and Boston. One or other of their locations seems to appear on everyone’s list of “must-try” places in Manhattan. I can understand why, too.
Great food, fast service, it’s a winning combination. We went to Lafayette Street in Soho and demolished some burgers, a quinoa bowl and rather lovely raspberry cupcake:
ByChloe outer
ByChloe inner
Martys V.Burger
A tiny little vegan burger and fast food restaurant, just around the corner from Madison Square Park. We went here on a rainy Saturday lunchtime with my brother and his kids (hi there, E and Y!!).
I think that, between us, we must have tried half their menu.  Their vegan Mac & Cheeze is good; most vegan mac and cheeze is horrible, theirs is lovely and tastes just like the dairy version. The burgers are top-notch, and the kale salad is damn fine too.
Martys outer
Martys inner
Beyond Sushi
I’ve never eaten better sushi than this in my life, either as a vegan or previously. This place takes the prize for its truly imaginative flavour combinations. It’s not cheap but the food we ate here was one of the highlights of our entire trip.
I can’t remember everything we ate. There was quite a lot but it definitely included their Green Machine rolls, the Mighty Mushroom rolls and the Fun-Guy dumplings. Yes, we’re greedy.
There are several branches of Beyond Sushi in New York; we went to the Herald Square restaurant on West 37th Street which is a few minutes’ walk from Macy’s department store. This branch is a proper, sit-down, dining job. I believe one or two of the others are more takeout-style.
BeyondSushi outer
BeyondSushi inner



Part 2 – coming next




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